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Welcome to Aloha!

Aloha Mind Math program is a complete brain development program based on the use of the abacus, an ancient counting tool. ALOHA program was created in Malaysia in 1993 for children aged 5 to 13. This accredited ‘brain training’ program was designed to boost your child’s mental capacity using challenging brain exercises.  ALOHA’s mental math development program jump starts a child’s analytical and creative abilities improving their capacity for Accelerated learning, Laser focus and concentration, Expansive memory and recall, Pinpoint accuracy, and Keen observation skills.

ALOHA program is offered in more than 4,400 centres in 33 countries, the proven ALOHA program has been successfully implemented and enjoyed by more than 4 million children, worldwide for mental/brain development.

Our Program

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Registration for New Students is open for below mentioned schools

  • Ray Shepherd Elementary
  • Ecole Woodward Hill Elementary School

Calgary SE Information Session
Friday, Sep 30, 2016 – 4 PM to 5 AM

Mind Math Concept!

What Aloha Parents feel?

Maggie (parent)Emerson (student)

“Wow, what a world of difference Aloha has made with my son Emerson, I truly was not sure this program would help him but I was wrong. Not only did Emerson’s mobility with the use of his hands increase, he memory amazes me and he LOVES numbers and he incorporates that in everything we do. If ever you are not sure, you don’t know until you try and I am a believer that Aloha Learning Center is something that every child will benefit from no matter what their personality is. Thank you Aloha!”

Poly (parent)Humayra (student)

"My daughter had number fear and concentration issue. After visiting Aloha I was impressed to know the benefit of the mind math and enrolled my daughter into the program. And now with full confidence I can say that she has improved a lot. She loves the program, she concentrates better now and her memory improved. She does not have any math fear rather she enjoy math . Her academic result has improved automatically. I just want her to be prepare for her future and ALOHA helped me to do that."

Lalita (parent)

"My child loves to do things differently, and when I heard about Aloha Mind Math through friends, I enrolled my son in the program. After couple of months into the program we've observed his attention span has improved. And also noticed in my child the memory and retention was higher than before in all his activities. The increased confidence in his math abilities made him to start loving math. I am glad we tried Aloha for my child and with no hesitation I recommend other parents to explore Aloha Mind Math and see the benefits for themselves".

Kiranpal (parent)Gurshan (student)

"Aloha helps my child with mental math and he loves the Math class."

Gurmeet (parent)Angad (student)

"Angad enjoys Aloha Mind Math it keeps his mind stimulated improving his math skills building confidence all in a very playful manner."

Satwinder (parent)Harjun (student)

"I really like the teachers all of them as they give extra attention to the students and they update me with the progress of my daughter and even give extra time when needed."

Harmeet Kaur (parent)Jaskeerat (student)

"Jaskeerat really likes to go to Aloha he learned easy math formulas from there I see his math skills have improved considerably. He is getting good marks in his school curriculum. So according to our experience every child enjoys going to Aloha for better learning and grades."

Jatinder (parent)Jerry (student)

"Jerry is doing really well in math, we have seen him getting interested in Math because of Aloha. His mental skills have been improved a lot we love Aloha!"

What to expect of Aloha Program?

  • Solving Math operations with Accuracy and speed.
  • Ability to concentrate and pay attention.
  • Creativity and visualization capacity.
  • Listening and observational skills.
  • Photographic memory and spatial orientation.
  • Self-confidence.
  • Mental Development

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